Labra, Soda, How
Labra, Soda, How
Labra, Soda, How
Labra, Soda, How

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Labra, Soda, How

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The labra, soda, how bracelet contains oak wood, labradorite, sodalite, howlite, and stretchy elastic.

Oak wood promotes strength, morale, and knowledge. It also is often associated with honor, wisdom, and nobility. 

Labradorite reduces negativity and tempers recklessness and impulsivity - some people believe it is made out of frozen fire. Its chakras are the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.

Sodalite helps with speaking personal truth, and emotional balance. It contains the same chakras as labradorite. Howlite helps with calming anxiety, reducing stress, and easing negative emotions. Its chakra is the crown chakra.

Sizing Guide
(Small) - 6 inches,
(Medium) - 6 3/4 inches,
(Large) - 7 1/2 inches